• VMware Fusion NAT and static IP

    VMware Fusion is a great product to virtualize machines on a Mac. This post explains how to provide the same IP address to the guest OS via DHCP and how to enable port forwarding.

  • Partition And Format ESXi Disks using CLI

    Today I needed to remove two disks from an ESXi 5.5 host and replace them with another set of used disks. This describes the process I used to condition these disks with vmfs5 partitions using SSH access and command line commands.

  • Using SPA3102 with Asterisk

    Here are some quick and dirty instructions on how I was able to get a SPA3102 to work on my Asterisk server. I am running Asterisk on OS X but that is a story for another day.

  • Building Unifi Controller on Raspberry Pi

    This post describes the process I uses to install the Unifi Controller software on a Raspberry Pi. There were a few unusual steps required to address some issues of the particular version I was using. Hopefully an upgrade is availalbe soon which would eliminate those additional manual steps.

  • Lightbox Examples

    This page demonstrates the lightbox includes I have come up with. The lightbox is Java based and requires Slimbox2 and the JQuery framework.

  • Codeblock Test Page

    This page demontrates various ways code blocks can be structured in Markdown. It compares a backtick fenced codeblock, a liquid tag enclosed codeblock and an indented codeblock. Each section displays the raw Markdown, the HTML structure (from rendered page source at time of writing) and finally the rendered code block.

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