Here it is! The *uino-1284p has arrived. It is an Arduino compatible platform based on the ATmega1284P-AU. The *uino-1284p board utilizes the ATmega1284P microcontroller. The primary goal of this project is to be able to access more memory, FLASH and RAM, while keeping the Arduino UNO compatible board size and I/O assignments.

The ATmega1284P provides 128k of FLASH and 16k of RAM. It has 10 more I/O pins then the ATmega328P. The additional I/O pins are brought out to a 5x2 header in a non-standard Arduino position. All other I/O headers are in the locations one would expect from an Arduino compatible form factor. The design features a dedicated ATmega8U2 for USB connectivity. The circuit has been taken from the Arduino UNO but the TQFP-32 package was chosen for easy solderability. Power supply input for the board is selected via a jumper. Power supply options are USB bus powered or unregulated DC input. An onboard LDO regulator will accept an unregulated input voltage between 6.4V and 15V.

The source files for this project are on Github.

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