placed by Adi, Jennifer and Dakota. The official page for this cache is here.

Coordinates N 49° 57.898 W 92° 08.279 (WGS84)

Description This cache is located about 26km south of Sioux Lookout on a small lake near Provincial Highway 72. The location is accessible via a narrow gravel road. Access to the lake shore is via an easy to walk path through the woods. There is a large flat rock surface at the lakeshore. The cache has been placed under the base of a tree at the north edge of the rock.

The Story I guess one would call this a mini cache. The container is a “2 Go” strawberry milk bottle with a wide lid. It contains a micro cache sheet, a pen and 2 SIMM sticks which are great for key fobs.

On our way home from Dryden I decided to take a little detour. I turned off of Hwy 72 at Minitaki Lodge (N 49° 57.530 W 92° 09.851 (WGS84)) to follow the original route of Hwy 72. I heard that this small road eventually meet up with todays highway near Butterfly Lake.

About 2km down this narrow road is a small lake, called Misfit Lake, to the left. This is where we parked the vehicle. There was a neat looking rock peninsula that I thought I would place the mini cache on. However, this peninsula was pretty barren and looked well travelled. I didn’t think a cache would last without being found accidentally. Just north to the peninsula I noticed another spot along the lakeshore that looked quite promising and accessible.

We walked along the road and indeed there was a small path leading to the lake. To our surprise we reached a large flat rock plateau at the edge of the lake. There were enough trees and shrubs to find a good hiding place for the cache. We picked the base of a tree near the north edge of the rock. The area is very mossy. The tree is about 10 inches in diameter and the roots at the base form a small cave, ideal for the cache container, a milk bottle. The bottle may be hard to spot since only its red lid is visible.

This is great spot for a picnic and even a little fishing. Perhaps we should go fishing and have picnic there ourselves next summer.

We followed the road maybe a kilometer when we discovered a big washout with a mangled old culvert. We defenitely did not negotiate this obstacle with our minivan. I wouldn’t even recommend tackling the washout with any other vehicle since the sharp edges of the broken culvert easily slice tires.